The best outdoor documentaries

We like to go out, enjoy nature and the outdoors, but when we are at home we also like to discover new adventures and stories that inspire us.

Path to Everest 

It can be sad to realise dreams, but also an opportunity to come up with new ones. After five years climbing peaks around the world and completing the historic double ascent of Everest, Kilian Jornet continues to seek new challenges to allow him to carry on dreaming.

"Path to Everest", directed by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset and Josep Serra, follows the path that led Kilian Jornet to the highest peak in the world in an intimate portrait that reveals his fears, contradictions and his desire to keep seeking new challenges so that he can continue to dream, surrounded by the mountains and people who are his inspiration.

Aneto, historia de un tiempo

Documentary that was born from the attempt to record Aneto by Marc Pinsach in summer 2017 and portrays the evolution of mountain racing. A dialogue is established between the past and the present to understand the origins of the obsession of running up mountains. The athlete from Cassà de la Selva followed the route of the mythical Aneto Marathon at the end of the 1990s, a turning point for mountain races in our country. Through the history of this race and that of Quico Soler, record holder and winner of the three editions of the race, we will see where we came from to know where we are going. 

Inisde Kilian Jornet

For Kilian Jornet, the world's greatest mountain athlete, the arrival of his thirties coincided with the best and worst year of his life. This documentary follows Jornet through an intense 10-day tour of 10 cities around the world, allowing the public to see, for the first time, everything that goes on around the professional athlete, and revealing his lesser-known, uninhibited side. Between presentations, interviews, and brand commitments, and with only a few hours' sleep, the athlete reflects on a year marked by injuries; his search for the balance between competition and personal projects; and the arrival of his first daughter.

Kilian Jornet Special Collection

"Kilian Jornet Special Film Collection - Extended Edition" is the definitive pack to get closer to the figure of Kilian Jornet, accompanying him from his beginnings to his current life in Norway. This special collection includes the three films from “Summits of My Life”, which capture Jornet's first dreams and adventures in mountains around the world, as well as extra footage from the project. The journey through the screen concludes with 'Inside Kilian Jornet' a documentary piece released in 2020 that shows a more mature Kilian, seeking a balance between competition, personal projects and family life.