Path to Everest

‘Path to Everest reviews the path that has taken Kilian Jornet to the highest peak in the world, also showing his most intimate face, with its fears, contradictions and illusions to continue looking for new challenges that allow him to continue dreaming, surrounded mountains and those who inspire you. Kilian Jornet is the protagonist of Path to Everest, which also has the testimonies of mountaineers such as Reinhold Messner, Jordi Canals, Jordi Tosas or Peter Habeler, as well as key characters from Jornet's environment: Emelie Forsberg, Bruno Brunod or Sébastian Montaz-Rosset . The documentary also reviews the history of the expeditions that have tried to conquer Everest since the beginning of the 20th century. Path to Everest is Kilian Jornet's fourth film after A Fine Line, Let Me Live and Langtang.tang.

The film can be found atAmazon Primand or inVOD on Vimeo in five languages Spanish, French, English, German and Italiano)